Vision & Mission

“Let’s make our future generations academically modern, deeply humane and truly Indian”

Being academically modern implies one to have scientific temper, broader outlook, open, communicative and rational attitude. It means empowering the child to discern the right from the wrong. Being deeply humane makes one sensitive, harmonious, amicable, friendly and sagacious. It means to encourage non-violence in thoughts, words and deeds.

Truly Indian means blending Indian culture with the times without losing its essence, creating self esteem and pride in being responsible and accountable. It also means to help the child to inculcate the values of integrity, discipline and sacrifice.

Education in India, unfortunately, has never been given its rightful place at policy making level by governing agencies. In private sector, the commercial aspect has always taken precedence over social needs. All pervasive decay of cultural and moral ethos and values forces us to conclude that prevalent Education system has failed miserably to produce desired results. We have gone oblivious to our roots, Present is appalling and frustrating and Future is not at all promising. Manav Sehyog Society, since last so many years, has been working tirelessly and is involved with the education of slum children and providing financial assistance to students in schools and colleges. It was felt by the visionaries of MSS that the villages, in particular, where majority of the Indian population lives are deprived of good schools.

Thus is born Manav Sehyog School, a quality education centre, devoid of commercial greed, to provide best possible education to future generations at affordable cost/expense.