Eco-Friendly Initiatives

With a sprawling campus spread across 4.5 acres at the outskirts of Jalandhar city. The open and green space on campus allows students to interact with the environment. In order to encourage an appreciation for nature and nurture environmental consciousness among children, Manav Sehyog School initiated the concept of Green Innovation. It is the responsibility of students as well as teachers to ensure minimum wastage of the resources and thus perform their duty not only towards the school but the planet as well.

We are very thankful to our esteemed Managing Committee and our Revered Chairman Dr. S.K. Sharma for the installation of the Sewage treatment plant, Solar plant and Sanitary napkin incinerator. With the help of these we guide our students to reuse waste water for the purpose of watering the plants, save energy and how to discard waste in an eco-friendly manner.

Implemented through a range of activities which are part of the campus' annual calendar, Green Innovation fosters novel thinking and promotes awareness among students about environmental issues