Chairman's Message

Manav Sehyog School is a project of Manav Sehyog Society, a registered charitable society, running various projects on a nonprofit basis. Health care and education have a very important place in the society's frame work of activities. This school has been formed mainly to provide good education in the rural area of Shahpur.

Our children are our future. They are like tender saplings, who have to be protected from the negative influences and given an exposure to the positive values so that they can be an asset to themselves, their family and ultimately their country. The role of the parents and the school is of paramount importance in their holistic development.

Manav Sehyog School, over a short span of its existence has been able to make an impact in the field of education in the region. Our students are excelling in sports and academic areas. Our hall mark is emphasis on developing the core values in a child, incorporate technology to enhance learning process. The school has not lost the social and human touch and is not insensitive to the needs of the economically weaker sections of the society. It goes out of the way to accommodate this section of the society and has made funds available for this so that the poor children can also have the benefits of education.

It has always been the effort of the school to acquire and develop a sensitive and efficient faculty of teachers, who are fully devoted to teaching. The school is developing a school development plan based on the feedbacks from the parents, and constant improvement in the curricular content to suit the needs of the accreditation bodies.

I wish the school well in the years to come.

Dr. S.K. Sharma, MS