About School

In the growing myriad of schools ,Manav Sehyog School ( a project of Manav Sehyog Society (Regd.) Jalandhar) seems to be an oasis in the desert, a fulcrum of unending growth, a watchdog for the malice in society, a sacred place that maintains its purity amidst the chaos around. The school was established in the year 2003. Since then the school has provided honest intellect and spontaneous creative awakening through a versatile network of academics, co-curricular activities and sports. Our mentors- Dr. S. K. Sharma- Chairman, Manav Sehyog School and his devoted team provide us their visionary guidance inspiring manvians to be “shresth manavs”

We achieve this objective by instilling in the minds of our students that they are unique and precious and are born to make a difference in the world. We firmly believe that the dreamers of today will be the achievers of tomorrow.

Life at Manav Sehyog School centres on a shared commitment to the academic excellence, intellectual growth, art, athletics, high standards of ethical awareness, sportsmanship and community service. The school is humbly and consistently involved in the noble task of shaping up the children as truly humane.

The school is well equipped with state – of- art infrastructure.

It has Wi-Fi enabled computer labs., Number Studio, Physics lab., Chemistry Lab., Biology lab., Dance Studio, Music Room, Art and craft Room, Well Stocked Library , Auditorium, Activity Room, Jungle Room, infirmary ,Canteen and vast playgrounds. Another important addition is SMART CLASS TECHNOLOGY.

We offer innovative and rigorous academic programme to the students that fosters critical thinking and independent inquiry.

Holistic development and inculcation of moral values is our priority. Following the footprints of our great visionaries we empower our students to make meaningful contributions to a changing and challenging world. We believe that education is a noble task and all involved in it must follow basic human ethics. The outcome is rich harvest of awards, prizes, opportunities and openings.

At Manav Sehyog School we consider it vital to instill in students a strong set of core values. This in turn will help shape their lives and the world around them. Universal values and ethical codes of conduct are taught, to enable them to build their future and benefit society.